MUSEK will provide 4 units of study designed to prepare students for college and beyond. The MUSEK curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards and provides insight and training that not only meets, but exceeds the standards provided in a traditional high school classroom.


MUSEK contains a project based learning element which entails students creating original music to be performed in a live setting with professional artists. For this element of the program MUSEK will be working in conjunction with UCSD to provide venues for students to  perform their original music as well as music professionals that will provide mentorship for the students.

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Every youth deserves a chance at higher education. Find out how enrolling your child in M.US.E.K can increase their chance of getting to college and furthering their education


M.U.S.E.K was developed to help at risk youth gain entrance into a four year college or university. M.U.S.E.K (which stands for Motivating Underprivileged Students thru Empowerment and Knowledge) serves to level the playing field for minority and low-income students. The M.U.S.E.K program serves to support its students by teaching and reinforcing study and organizational skills, encouraging students to take more rigorous and challenging classes, providing college and career counseling; and ultimately preparing them for success at four-year colleges.






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MUSEK is comprised of teachers, executives, music producers, staff, community members, writers, musicians, engineers and others dedicated to helping the at risk youth succeed through this unique program.


As the program continues to grow, we are seeking continued support from our community and various entities. To support the Musek Program, click here to find out  how you can make a difference in these students' lives.

MUSEK is for students’ grades 9-12 who are native English speakers and English Learners (EL’S) who come from high risk groups like expelled or suspended from home district, wards of the court or dependents of the court, pregnant and/or parenting, recovered Dropouts,  Academically Deficient and other difficult academic and social enviornments. We don't leave these kids behind, we teach them to flourish. All youth deserve a chance at higher education.

If you have a student or know someone coming from a difficult and academic background or social environment, contact us today to find out how the Musek Program may be the right fit for your student.

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" an AMAZING and unique opportunity for youth that I haven't seen in a long time."

-Alex Lipscomb, President | ALL MAVEN, Inc. matters

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